Program završne radionice



Final Workshop on Research Project

Adaptive and Predictive Control of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)


supported by Croatian Science Foundation


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

University of Zagreb

Ivana Lučića 5

October 13, 2022

8:00-8:30       Registration

8:30-8:45       Prof. Joško Deur, Project leader, Workshop program & Project outline

8:45-9:00       Prof. Darko Kozarac, Vice Dean, Welcome and Introduction to UNIZAG-FSB

9:00-9:45       Prof. Steven Peters, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

                        Current State of Automated Driving, Invited speech

9:45-10:25     Asst. Prof. Branimir Škugor, ACHIEVE Team, UNIZAG-FSB

                        Synthesis of Multi-dimensional Naturalistic Driving Cycles

10:25-11:05   Dr. Jakov Topić, ACHIEVE Team, dSPACE engineering, Zagreb

                        Prediction of Energy Consumption and Vehicle Speed

11:05-11:30  Coffee break

11:30-12:00   Dr. Dragan Šimić, Austrian Institute of Technology

                        Improvement and Investigation of the Requirements for Electric Vehicles by the use of innovative HVAC

12:00-12:40   Prof. Joško Deur, ACHIEVE Team, UNIZAG-FSB

                        Forward- and Backward-looking PHEV Modeling

12:40-13:20   Mag. Ing. Jure Soldo, ACHIEVE Team, UNIZAG-FSB

                        Optimal Control of PHEV

13:20-14:00   Lunch

14:00-14:30   Dr. Ivan Cvok, Rimac Technology, Zagreb

                        Control Systems for Electric Hypercar

14:30-15:10   Asst. Prof. Branimir Škugor, ACHIEVE Team, UNIZAG-FSB

                        Adaptive and Model Predictive Control of PHEV

15:10-15:40   Asst. Prof. Tomislav Erdelić, ACHIEVE Team, UNIZAG-FPZ

                        Optimal Routing of Electric Vehicles

15:40-15:55   Prof. Joško Deur, ACHIEVE Team, UNIZAG-FSB

                        ACHIEVE – Lessons Learned, Outlook, and Discussions

15:55-16:00   Workshop Closure